Jolie Redux

My good friend Robyn sent me several interesting articles today regarding Angelina Jolie and her right leg.  This one made me laugh the most. If both of Angelina’s legs were showing: Thanks, Robyn! Advertisements

Jolie Jeer

Of course today’s topic has to be about last night’s Academy Awards ceremony.  Total disclosure – I only saw one of the nine films nominated for Best Picture, but I only watch the Oscars to see what people are wearing anyway. The absolute best Oscar moment for me came during Angelina Jolie’s presentation of several…

Craft Stores

Let’s get one thing straight – I am not an artsy-craftsy kind of person.  Try not to judge me.  I admire those people who are good at and actually enjoy those sorts of things, but that’s just not me. Nothing against Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, or Joanne, but I am totally out of my element when…

Remember When?

Need help feeling old? I don’t, but in case you do, the following should help you on your way.

Surviving Junior High

Ah, junior high, or middle school as it is known around here, that unfortunate consequence of a union between daytime soap operas and nursery school.  While things like clothes styles and music have changed in the twenty years since I was in junior high, some things unfortunately are exactly the same. Catty girls — Hormones…